The World Rules & Regulations

  • NO outside food or beverages
  • NO glass or metal containers
  • NO smoking or alcohol inside of venue
  • NO facemasks
  • NO pets or animals
  • No Backpacks (pocket books will be searched)
  • Illegal Substances Are Strictly Prohibited
  • Anyone that is believed to be under the influence of any substances will not be allowed into venue and the authorities will be notified.
  • Firearms, Knives, Pepper Spray, or Weapons of any kind are Prohibited
  • Laser pointers, Whistles, Horns or noise makers of any kind are Prohibited
  • Fireworks, spray paint, markers, stickers, balloons, balls, skateboards are prohibited
  • You may be requested to submit to a body check and/or search of your possessions at any time to locate and remove any prohibited items. Refusal may result in denied admission or eviction from venue.
  • Solicitation is prohibited inside/outside of venue
  • Outside Flyers and Posters are Prohibited in GameChangerWorld unless approved by GameChangerWorld staff
  • GameChangerWorld has the right to refuse entrance to anyone
  • No Fighting - Anyone involved in a fight will be removed from the venue
  • Shirts & shoes must be worn at all times
  • No Moshing, Slam Dancing, Stage Diving or Crowd Surfing

Photographs, video and sound are for your personal, private, non-commercial use only. GameChangerWorld reserves the right to prohibit recording devices at any time before, during or after a show.

Your voice, image and likeness may be recorded in and around the venue and publicly disseminated by any means and in any format or media. Upon entering the venue you waive all rights to said media.

GameChangerWorld · 798 US Route 9 South, Howell, NJ 07731 · (732) 578-8494